solid and hollow organs of the body

Solid organ | definition of solid organ by Medical dictionary Looking for online definition of solid organ in the Medical Dictionary? solid . consistency and is neither hollow (such as the organs of the gastrointestinal tract) . a somewhat independent body part that performs a specific function or functions.

Solid Organ Resection | Laparoscopic Surgery | MUSC DDC From the mouth to the anus is a large system of hollow organs that in some way modify . up under the rib cage, the liver is the second-largest organ in the body.

The Digestive System & How it Works | NIDDK The hollow organs that make up the GI tract are the mouth, esophagus, . pass through the large intestine and out of the body as a solid matter called stool.

Trauma Survivors Network | Abdominal Injuries The abdominal (peritoneal) cavity contains many vital organs which can be described as either hollow or solid. Hollow organ injuries – A hollow organ is an.

Basic Functions of Abdominal Organs - The EMT Spot 16 Jun 2009 . It is the largest gland in the body and there is currently no know way to . The spleen is a solid organ tucked up against the diaphragm in the upper left . is a J-shaped hollow organ that extends across the left upper quadrant.

Organ (anatomy) - Wikipedia In biology, an organ or viscus is a collection of tissues joined in a structural unit to serve a . A hollow organ is a visceral organ that forms a hollow tube or pouch, such as . Two or more organs working together in the execution of a specific body function form an organ system, also called a biological system or body system.

What are examples of hollow organs? | In the intestines, food is digested, nutrients are absorbed and waste passes out of the body. Another hollow organ is the heart, which pumps blood throughout.

What are the hollow organs of the body? Is the kidney hollow . 23 Sep 2016 . Hollow organs of the body possess lumen or cavity inside, such as stomach or urinary bladder. Kidney is definitely not a hollow organ.

What does the term "hollow viscus" mean? | Student Doctor Network A hollow viscus is an organ that isn't solid: the liver doesn't . Think of it like manicotti for the can be stuffed with things like excrement.

Digestive System - Organs and Digestion - ThoughtCo 30 Jun 2016 . The digestive system is a series of hollow organs joined in a long, twisting . There are also two solid digestive organs, the liver and the . meat, and vegetables, they are not in a form that the body can use as nourishment.

Overview of Abdominal Injuries - Injuries and Poisoning - Merck . The abdomen alone may be injured or injuries elsewhere in the body may also occur. Injuries can . Solid organs (that is, the liver, spleen, pancreas, or kidneys). Hollow organs (that is, the stomach, small intestine, colon, ureters, or bladder).

Percussion: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia 26 Jan 2017 . Percussion is a method of tapping body parts with fingers, hands, or small instruments as . Bones, joints, and solid organs such as the liver sound solid. The abdomen sounds like a hollow organ filled with air, fluid, or solids.

Abdomen - Video Learning - - YouTube 11 Aug 2015 . "Abdomen" constitutes the part of the body between the thorax and pelvis: in . tubelike organs of the digestive tract, as well as several solid organs. Hollow abdominal organs include the stomach, the small intestine, and the.

Abdominal and Pelvic Emergencies - Remote Areas Emergency . The abdominal cavity contains many solid as well as hollow organs: . They function in filtering blood and maintaining water balance in the body. Injuries to the.

TCM Theory and Function of the Organs (Zhang / Fu) – 3 Nov 2015 . They are structurally solid, and responsible for the creation and . They are hollow organs, responsible mainly for the transportation of food and.

Assessment Tips: Assessing the Abdomen | EMS World 31 Jan 2011 . Assessing the abdomen, with its many organs performing multiple functions, is one of . The abdomen contains both solid and hollow organs.

Yin & Yang in Chinese Medicine - Sacred Lotus They carry Yang energy and protect the body from pathogenic factors. Yin channels flow on the . Solid and Hollow Organs (Zang Fu). Yin Organs are "Solid":.

INTERNAL INJURIES ATTORNEY - Troy Marsh Law Firm . Penetrating trauma occurs when an object breaks the skin and enters the body. Both solid and hollow organs are at risk of harm from penetrating injuries.

Hollow Organ Medical Definition | Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary Medical definition of hollow organ: a visceral organ that is a hollow tube or pouch (as the stomach or intestine) or that includes a cavity (as of the heart or…

Digestive System Function & Organs | Cleveland Clinic: Health Library The stomach is a hollow organ, or "container," that holds food while it is being . Contents of the small intestine start out semi-solid, and end in a liquid form after . by the intestine and makes all the various chemicals the body needs to function.